Your Path to Profits - Private Label

Private Label cleaner
Private label services which will augment your current products by offering your customers:
  • Zero VOC products
  • LEED credit qualified products
  • Ready to sell products
  • Solutions which standard coatings do not solve

Private label relationships give your business:
  • New technologies to sell with no capital costs
  • Free technical training
  • New products with no new staff required
  • An inexpensive way to attract new customers and retain your current customers

We can offer you 6 separate grades of material:

Hot Spray --- Cold Spray --- Brush/Roll --- Trowel --- Extruded --- Cast

Move away from commodity product sales
  • Products for today's environmentally sensitive markets and customers
  • Attract more advanced customers and material users
  • Compete with the box stores by offering solutions they have not adopted
  • Take your place as the innovator and leader in your coatings marketplace


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