Automotive Coatings

CrystaLiner ®

  • CrystaLiner ® is a family of spray on products for the automotive industry including "The Original Clear Bed Liner" ™ 100% aliphatic clear, aliphatic colors, aromatic black, and decorative metallic truck bed liners; clear spray on chip guard and stone impingement protection; surface protection for specific applications like wheel wells, rocker panels, wheels, hoods, front ends, frames, bumpers, running boards, and undercarriages of both on road and off road vehicles, including sand rails, dune buggies, trailers, RVs, and other recreational vehicles. CrystaLiner ® Clear remains the industry's only true 100% aliphatic clear spray on bed liner. Separate yourself from the competition and own an exclusive market position by becoming a CrystaLiner ® Installer now at CrystaLiner ®

Liner Solution ™

  • Liner Solution ™ is a group of truck bed liner coatings: spray on bed liner coatings, roll on, or extruded products for the installation, repair, or restoration of truck bed liners. The Liner Solution ™ products are appropriate for any other surface where a tough, waterproof, durable protective coating is desired. New GREEN low cost truck bed liner coatings. Visit Liner Solution ™ to find out more about these DIY solutions.

Voyager Spray ™ Systems

  • Voyager Spray ™ Systems is a line of variable component spray equipment for use with low to high viscosity coating, foam, and composite materials. Voyager's patent pending technologies increases the user's profit while decreasing maintenance and service costs. Multiple applications and formulations may be serviced with the Voyager Spray ™ Pump. The Voyager Spray ™ Pump allows unparalleled mobility, coating versatility, and user safety.

    The Voyager Spray ™ Pump is multifunctional in that it may also be used as a metered filling pump, a metered or unmetered fluid transfer pump, or a variable component extrusion pump. In addition, the Voyager Spray ™ Pump empowers the user to achieve coating finishes previously unattainable by any other coating system. Call now to enable greater profitability and reduced operational costs through the use of Voyager Spray ™ technologies. Equipment distributor territories are available.