Construction Coatings

DynaSolv ™

  • DynaSolv ™ is a group of products designed to solve building and construction problems. Some of our solutions include: waterproofing, moisture sealing, concrete and cement fortification, barrier coatings, water reactible leak stoppers, flameproofing, and extending the life of existing roofs. Visit DynaSolv ™ to find out more about our unique solutions.

SureWood Systems ™

  • SureWood Systems ™ is a series of Trained Installer spray on and do-it-yourself roll on protective coatings for exterior wood surfaces, providing the best wood protection available on the market today. SureWood Systems also provides aliphatic and aromatic wood crack fillers for use in multiple exterior wood applications. Available color options include a UV stable color palatte, appearance-enhancing translucents, and clear. Independent laboratory test results available demonstrating barrier properties against the leaching of pressure treated wood chemicals. To experience your deck solution possibilities, come to SureWood Systems ™ and find out more about SureWood's unique wood solutions.

Voyager Spray ™ Systems

  • Voyager Spray ™ Systems is a line of variable component spray equipment for use with low to high viscosity coating, foam, and composite materials. Voyager's patent pending technologies increases the user's profit while decreasing maintenance and service costs. Multiple applications and formulations may be serviced with the Voyager Spray ™ Pump. The Voyager Spray ™ Pump allows unparalleled mobility, coating versatility, and user safety.

    The Voyager Spray ™ Pump is multifunctional in that it may also be used as a metered filling pump, a metered or unmetered fluid transfer pump, or a variable component extrusion pump. In addition, the Voyager Spray ™ Pump empowers the user to achieve coating finishes previously unattainable by any other coating system. Call now to enable greater profitability and reduced operational costs through the use of Voyager Spray ™ technologies. Equipment distributor territories are available.