Internship Program

Here at Creative Material Technologies, we believe that the technology and innovation of the future will be created by the students of today. CMT's internship program provides students with hands on experience in various fields of occupation ranging from marketing & website management to energy development. If you would like to be considered for CMT's internship program, please contact 413-284-0000. 

Your Path to Profits - Private Label Markets

Here is a partial list of opportunities a private label partnership will allow you to access. Our market strategy development call will help us define the markets you should pursue first and the appropriate products for those particular markets. We can offer you over 65 different formulations in a private label relationship.
  • Adhesives
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings
  • Asphalt Crack Filler & Asphalt to Concrete Transition Crack Filler
  • Bed Liners (dump trucks, pickup trucks, roll-off containers, etc.)
  • Boat Coatings (deck, floors, window sealer, etc.)    
  • Concrete Repair (crack fillers and rapid back to service patching compound)
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Concrete Waterproofing    
  • Control Joints Materials
  • Culverts (concrete & galvanized metal)
  • Docks (freight loading, lakes, ocean, etc.)
  • Expansion Joints
  • Fisheries :Liners & waterproof coatings and caulking compounds (hatcheries and ponds)
  • Floor Coatings (basement, factory, garage, laboratory, store, warehouse, etc.)
  • Foundation Coatings (repairs & water-proofing)
  • Grout (repair & replacement)
  • Infrastructure Coatings
  • Insulated Concrete Form Coating    
  • Liners (steel containers, tanks, etc.)
  • Manhole Coatings (protection & restoration)
  • Marine Coatings (metal & wood)
  • Metal (DTM coatings, roof bolts, seam repair, etc)
  • Mobile Home Roofs
  • Parking Structure Coatings (expansion joints, floors, roofs, stairs, etc.)    
  • Pipes (opening sealer, wall pass-through sealer)
  • Plywood Coatings (OEM Trailers, OEM Roofs, OEM Sheds)
  • Ponds (fish, landscape, wading, etc.)
  • Pool Coatings (concrete crack repairs, deck repair, liners, tile adhesive & grout)
  • Ramp Repair, Restoration, & Coatings (concrete, metal, etc.)
  • Roof Coatings (asphalt, metal, rubber, wood, etc;
  • Secondary Containment Areas
  • Shower Stall Restoration    & Coatings
  • Sidewalk Crack Repair
  • Slip Resistant Treads
  • Spa Coatings
  • Stairs (concrete, metal, etc.)
  • Tank Coatings (air, aquarium, gas, oil, water treatment plants, etc.)
  • Terrace Floors
  • Tractor Trailer Floors
  • Traffic Coatings (photo luminescent and white reflective)
  • Trailers (animal, boat, car, cargo, go-kart, motorcycle, snowmobile, etc.): Roofs and Floors
  • Unfinished Furniture
  • Veterinary Clinic/Kennel floors
  • Wash-Down Areas (equipment, golf carts, etc.)
  • Water Park Features (protection & repair)
  • Water Runoff/Overflow Areas    
  • Water Treatment (ponds, estuaries, etc.)
  • Wood [Pressure-treated, etc.] (decks, docks, fences, picnic tables, playscapes, stairs, etc.)

CMTgreen Six

At Creative Material Technologies, Ltd  we believe that a company must act responsibly not only to protect the environment, but for the health and safety of those that use our products. Our products and their CMTgreen Level.


  • 100% Solids
  • Zero VOC’s and Zero Solvents
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint Further By:
  • Designing superior service life coatings to eliminate “frequent” recoating
  • Designing superior service life coatings to eliminate multiple freight shipments
  • CMT Auto/Truck/Trailer Products: Crystalcare, Crystaledge,
    Black Spray on Bed Liner Material, CrystaLiner
  • CMT Construction Coatings: Dyna-Pur, Crack Filler, Injection Gel


  • Become and maintain 100% Solids content for coating products
  • Less than 1% non-solvent volatiles
  • Minimize freight carbon footprint by eliminating water from products

Level 4: GREEN

  • Increase solids content – solvents are not the only materials that “flash off”
  • Greater than 90% solids or water based
  • Less than 5% non-solvent volatiles


  • Obtain Zero Solvent and Zero VOC’s Content products
  • Less than 10% non-solvent volatiles

Level 2: SUB-GREEN

  • Reduce Solvents in products used
  • Zero VOC’s but still contains solvents


Employment Opportunities

Production & Operations Assistant (POA)

This entry level position is responsible to manufacture, produce, package, and ship liquid high performance coating materials; operate machinery; and perform labor intensive operations.

Requirements: Must be accurate in work, maintain a clean work environment, have good math skills and work ethic, be self disciplined, mature, maintain confidentiality; possess your own transportation, and lift up to 70 pounds. High School Diploma or GED preferred.

Career Advancement: When appropriate and required, this position would be considered for advancement within the Operations Dept. to Production & Operations Technician, Shipping & Receiving Supervisor, Production Shift Supervisor, and Production Manager and possibly to a number of positions outside of the Operations Dept.

Compensation is negotiable, based upon experience and performance.


Direct Sales Representative (DSR)

This entry level position is responsible to sell and market through telemarketing unique high performance coating products and solutions aimed at the building & construction and automotive aftermarket industries.

Requirements: Must be an effective communicator; good relationship builder; accurate in work; maintain a clean work environment; have an excellent telephone personality and presence; possess a good work ethic; and be self disciplined. Full product training and leads will be provided.

Career Advancement: When appropriate and required, this position would be considered for advancement within the Sales & Marketing Dept. to Account Representative, Account Manager, or Industry Sales Manager and possibly to positions outside of the Sales & Marketing Dept.

Compensation is commission based and the rate will be based upon experience and performance.


Laboratory & Operations Assistant (LOA)

This “hands-on” position is responsible to perform products trials and formulary functions; produce product mock-ups and samples in conformance with supervisor’s direction; run laboratory equipment; perform analytical evaluations; operate application equipment; assist in the development, optimization, and demonstration of coating and application equipment systems; and assist the Operations Department as needed.

Requirements: Must be an effective, accurate, and efficient worker; enjoy a rapid multi-tasking work environment; maintain an organized and clean work environment; have an good work presence and work ethic; be self disciplined, and possess your own transportation. In addition, must possess a good common sense about how and why things work. Min Education Req’ts: 2 Year Related Degree

Career Advancement: When appropriate and required, this position would be considered for advancement within the R&D Dept. to Laboratory Technician, Technical Specialist, Laboratory Supervisor, or Laboratory Manager and possibly to a number of positions outside of the R&D Dept.

Compensation is negotiable, based upon experience and performance.


  1. Download and complete the Preliminary Employment Application below:
    Preliminary Employment Application (DOC)Preliminary Employment Application (PDF)

  2. Fax Application to 413-284-0300 or scan and email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. Applications will be reviewed and selected individuals will be contacted.

Your Path to Profits - Private Label

Private Label cleaner
Private label services which will augment your current products by offering your customers:
  • Zero VOC products
  • LEED credit qualified products
  • Ready to sell products
  • Solutions which standard coatings do not solve

Private label relationships give your business:
  • New technologies to sell with no capital costs
  • Free technical training
  • New products with no new staff required
  • An inexpensive way to attract new customers and retain your current customers

We can offer you 6 separate grades of material:

Hot Spray --- Cold Spray --- Brush/Roll --- Trowel --- Extruded --- Cast

Move away from commodity product sales
  • Products for today's environmentally sensitive markets and customers
  • Attract more advanced customers and material users
  • Compete with the box stores by offering solutions they have not adopted
  • Take your place as the innovator and leader in your coatings marketplace


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